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About Moms Haus 

Experience a taste of the Big Easy in the heart of Hollywood at Mom’s Haus on Sunset Blvd. This New Orleans themed restaurant serves authentic Louisiana cuisine, the kind that gives your taste buds a joyous carnival ride. Indulge in spicy Gumbo, succulent Jambalaya and classic Shrimp Po’ boy’s- each bite transports you straight to the vibrant, festive streets of NOLA.
The ambiance masterfully intertwines Southern charm with Hollywood glamour. Yet, the star of the show: the dazzling array of Daiquiris. At Mom’s Haus, every day feels like Mardi Gras. Bringing Bourbon Street to Sunset Blvd.
Come savor the excitement of Louisiana in the heart of Hollywood- Your table at Mom’s Haus awaits!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I recently visited Mom's Haus with my sister. She has become a regular customer, and I now understand why. The food was fresh and absolutely delicious!! She has raved about the staff and how professional the waiters are yet all the while friendly and welcoming . But the food!! OMG!! I knew it had to be really good, but the word "good" is such an understatement. I had a catfish poboy sandwich with a side of greens. The fish was perfectly seasoned, crispy,and plentiful. The greens left me wanting more. I cannot say enough about this soul food gem-I can say I also plan to become a regular like my sister.

Debra F. of Santa Clarita - Yelp Review

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